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    Erik Trifonov QA

    How to Prepare for an Interview for a Junior QA Engineer Position

    QA Engineers are specialists who engage in functional testing of software at all stages of development. They establish and enforce standards, analyze quality, select tools, and prevent errors made by developers. Let's consider what HR specialists pay attention to when searching for an employee for a Junior QA Engineer position.

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    Erik Trifonov QA

    Understanding the Difference: Authentication vs Authorization

    As QA engineers, it's essential to understand the difference between authentication and authorization to ensure the security and functionality of applications.

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    Enhance Your Vocabulary: 24 Mobile UI Elements Every QA Engineer Should Know

    A bigger button, a smaller button, a bar at the top or dots on the side.... I'm sure you'll agree that, after reading this, it's hard to understand exactly what's going on. To avoid such uncertainties when writing bug reports, let's understand what different elements of the mobile application interface are called.

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    Unveiling 5 Must-have Test Design Techniques

    Hey there, fellow testers! This is Erik, QA engineer at Tareev Studio. Today, we delve into the intricate world of test design, unraveling the key techniques that form the backbone of effective testing strategies. Whether you are a seasoned tester or just starting your journey in quality assurance, understanding test design is paramount for ensuring robust and reliable software.

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