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    We will move Your business to Digital in 30 days and will make Your First Online Sales.

    We improve each step of Our Client's Sales Funnels by AI-Tools First AI-oriented Studio In Georgia

    Standard Launch

    • Base Marketing Analysis
    • Logo & Colors for Web
    • Landing Page Design
    • Frontend & Layouts
    • Integration with CMS
    • Sales Funnel Development
    • Domain Configuration
    • Hosting Installation
    • Analytics Setup
    • Advertising Setup & Launch
    • AI-based Niche Report
    • GPT-4 Boosted Sales Texts
    • AI-Improved Web-Analytics
    • Full Support after Launch



    Pro Launch

    • Marketing Analysis
    • Development of Growth Strategy
    • Multi-Page Website Design
    • Frontend & Layouts for each page
    • Specific Backend Development
    • Installation on CMS (WordPress / Webflow / Shopify)
    • Sales funnel Development
    • Advertising Setup
    • Initial SEO Optimization
    • Content Creation and Filling
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Analytics Integration
    • Advertising Campaign Management
    • CRM-System Installation & Set-up
    • AI-based Extended Niche Report
    • GPT-4 Boosted Sales Texts
    • AI-Improved Web-Analytics
    • AI Online Chat-Bot Integration
    • Full Support after Launch



    Max Launch

    • Marketing analysis & Marketing Strategy
    • Development of growth strategy
    • Multi-page website design
    • Frontend & Layouts for each page
    • Specific backend development
    • Backend development (Node.js / Angular / Java)
    • Sales funnel
    • Advertising Setup
    • Search Engine Optimization (4 weeks)
    • Content Creation and Filling
    • Analytics integration
    • Paid & Organic Traffic
    • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram)
    • E-mail Marketing
    • CRM-system installation & set-up
    • Business Management System installation & set-up
    • AI-based Extended Niche Report
    • GPT-4 Boosted Sales Texts
    • AI-Built Unique Selling Points
    • AI-Improved Web-Analytics
    • AI-Optimized Web-Search
    • Online AI Chat-Bot Integration
    • Full Support after Launch



    Offline To Digital: Build Your Own Package

    If none of the suggested options meet your requirements — don't worry! We offer you the opportunity to create your own unique package of services. Get in touch with us, and our experienced specialist will be happy to provide you with consultation and help you choose the optimal solutions for your website. Check also a list of available services ready to meet your needs!


    Base Marketing Analysis

    A short research using metrics and stats to create essential plan for further work

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    Full Marketing Analysis

    A complete research of your project, your competitors and niche

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    Content filling and creation

    Unique and functional set of content for your business

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    Logo & Colors for Web

    New Functional Colours and Logo For Your Business to make more sales online

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    Brand Identity Creation

    Total rework of your Brand Identity

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    Landing Page Design

    Design for your single-page web-site

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    Multi-Page Site Design

    Design for your multi-page web-site

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    Frontend & Layouts

    Front-end work for your web-site

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    Backend development

    Back-end work for your web-site

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    Development of growth strategy

    A new and detailed strategy for scaling up your business

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    Sales Funnel Setup

    Development of Complex Sales Funnel for your Business

    from $300
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    Integration with CMS

    Moving your layouts to ready-made CMS

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    Domain & Hosting Configuration

    Setting up a name and a server for your project

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    Analytics Setup

    Installation of Google Metrics, Meta Pixel and Yandex Metrika

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    Advertising Setup

    Configuration of Ads (Google Ads / Meta Ads / Yandex Ads)

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    Initial SEO Setup

    Base configuration for Search Engine Optimization

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    Deep Search Engine Optimization

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    Social Media Marketing

    Marketing through your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Telegram

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    E-mail Marketing

    A newsletter set-up for your business to increase sales

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    PMS-system set-up

    An installation and configuration of Project Management System for your business

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    CRM-system set-up

    An installation and configuration of Client Relation Management system for your business

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    Our cases

    6 steps during which your business will make first sales online


    Initial Analysis

    Based on your package we will provide a complete research that includes your goals, metrics and target audience and will be the root of Your digital business. Final result - Initial Marketing Plan


    Sales Funnel Wireframe

    A creation of base prototype of Your digital sales funnel which includes all of your sale channels and promotion channels to cover all newly settled business goals.


    Designs & Layouts

    Using Marketing Plan and Frames we will create beautiful and highly-functional set of designs that aims to increase your conversions and provide a stable growth


    Backend Development

    At this point we are binding all funnel elements together, working on functional and connecting them to your CRM or messenger (based on your Package)


    Testing & Launch

    When your sales funnels is complete and ready for the big release we will make sure that everything works fine as it is intended to do and will launch your project together with Ads and SEO-content


    Full Time Support

    We provide a full time support for all our projects for 4 whole weeks after each big release no matter if we are still working on project's growth or not. Every time. Every day.

    Legal & Secured

    We ensure transparency and accountability by providing formal documentation, including formal proposal, detailed contracts and agreements, to outline project scope, timelines, and deliverables. This approach fosters a secure and legally compliant environment, giving our clients peace of mind they deserve

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    Version-controlled & Stable

    With our GIT-based version-controlled approach, every change and update to your e-commerce website is tracked, ensuring seamless collaboration and easy rollback if needed.

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    Node JS

    "I couldn't be happier with the end result, and I highly recommend Tareev Studio to anyone in need of top-notch web development services"

    Working with Tareev Studio was an absolute game-changer for our project. After a year of struggling with other development teams, Tareev Studio swooped in and delivered an exceptional website in just 4 months. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence were evident throughout the entire process.

    Andrey Soloviev CTO at BotHelp


    BotHelp.io Web App's web-site redesign and further development on WordPress CMS

    United Kingdom
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    "From inception to launch, team demonstrated utmost professionalism, technical prowess, and a thorough understanding of our business needs."

    We entrusted Tareev Studio with the turnkey development of our B2B marketplace, and they delivered really decent results. The collaboration did not end with the project launch. Tareev Studio continued to provide invaluable SEO expertise and ongoing support, ensuring our marketplace gained visibility and attracted the right audience. Their commitment to our success has been evident throughout our partnership through last few years.

    George Ivanoff CEO at BabaKlava


    B2B MarketPlace development and further long-term support and SEO

    Read More

    "From the initial wireframes to the final launch, Tareev Studio demonstrated exceptional skill, professionalism, and attention to detail"

    Working with Tareev Studio was an absolute pleasure for our NFT consulting agency, How To Meta. We are immensely grateful to the entire team at Tareev Studio for their dedication and service

    Sarah Collins Funder at How To Meta


    NFT Consulting Agency web-development from the scratch

    United States
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    Meet the team

    Dmitrii Tareev
    CEO, Founder
    Ilya Zakharov
    Lead of Marketing
    Maksim Talko
    Lead of Development
    Kristina Yurko
    Front-end Dev.
    Erik Trifonov
    Dmitrii Ivanov
    Back-end Dev.
    Anna Fedorchenko

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