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Kristina Yurko, Fullstack Web-Developer

Hello, I’m Kristina, a skilled and versatile middle fullstack web developer with a passion for crafting dynamic and user-friendly online experiences. With a strong command of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and WordPress, I bring a comprehensive set of skills to the table. In my journey as a web developer, I have honed my expertise in PHP, leveraging its power to create robust and scalable back-end solutions. From handling complex database interactions to implementing server-side logic, I am adept at developing efficient and secure web applications.

When it comes to crafting engaging user interfaces, HTML and JavaScript are my go-to tools. With a deep understanding of HTML’s structure and elements, I ensure that the websites I build are accessible, responsive, and visually appealing. JavaScript allows me to add interactivity and enhance user experiences, whether through dynamic animations or seamless form validations.

Additionally, I have a solid understanding of WordPress, a popular content management system. I have successfully utilized its capabilities to create customized and feature-rich websites, empowering clients to easily manage their content and extend their online presence.

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