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    7 Common Mistakes of a Frontend Developer at the Dawn of Their Career: A Rethink

    Kristina Yurko Front-end Dev.

    When you hear “frontend developer,” many instantly picture a visionary wielding the sacred triad of web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At first glance, it seems straightforward, but as soon as you dive deeper, you start to discover that the world of frontend is brimming with an unimaginable number of frameworks and technologies, and that’s when the real adventure begins.

    Rumor has it that the frontend world sees a thousand new frameworks emerge every day, making the start of a career resemble running through a minefield.
    A Brief Journey into Frontend
    Let’s imagine a web product as a person. If HTML is its skeleton, CSS gives it appearance, then JavaScript is the pure magic of the soul, allowing everything to move and change. Frontenders are the magicians creating the first impression of a digital product.

    The Seven Deadly Sins of a Rookie Frontender

    1. Lack of Practice with the Basics:
      Many beginners get carried away with new technologies, forgetting the basics. Remember, knowing the basics is your web compass.
    2. Mechanical Coding:
      Memorizing code without understanding its essence is like trying to learn magic tricks without believing in magic. Frameworks change, but the basics are eternal.
    1. Market Ignorance:
      The frontend is no longer the wild West, but knowing trends is your best tool. State of JS is your star map.
    2. Choosing Your First Framework:
      Jumping from one framework to another is like looking for the perfect pair of shoes but forgetting about the journey. Pick one and master it.
    3. Striving for Perfection:
      Perfectionism is when you try to please the code, not the user. Remember, “done” is better than “perfect.”
    4. Library Disease:
      The thirst to use every new library is like collecting Pokémon without remembering why you need them. Use them wisely.
    5. Forgetting About the User:
      Creating something beautiful but not functional is like building a museum instead of a house. User convenience is your priority.

    Remember, code is your tool, and the user experience is your masterpiece. Frontenders are the bridge between the world of technology and the user. So, grab your web brushes and start creating! And yes, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. After all, it’s through mistakes that the great magicians of frontend learn.

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