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    Italian Food Blog Launch 57%Monthly Visits Increase

    Tareev Studio successfully launched Settimana Gourmet, an Italian Food Blog, meticulously managing its SEO and audience growth across the website and Instagram. Result: Rapid growth from 3200 to 8500 subscribers in 7 weeks, fostering an engaged and loyal community.

    Conon Capital USA 18Work days from begin to release

    The Studio designed the Conon Capital real estate landing website for the USA, with a focus on user-friendly design and robust functionality tailored to the client's specific audience.

    Dating & Events Startup App 750Web-site daily visits

    The Studio innovatively developed a Dating & Events Startup App named "Outer Space", integrating AI matching algorithms. At the moment a further development is still in progress and team is looking for investments to grow and expand.

    NFT Smart-Platform 95New Smart Contracts per Day

    Tareev Studio engineered an NFT Smart-Platform for a Consulting Agency, embedding AI for predictive insights and portfolio construction, revolutionizing NFT investments. Currently under NDA.

    Art Phenomenon Online Shop & Web-Service 85Days needed to develop a Web-App

    The Studio dedicated 6 months to comprehensive outsourcing for Art Phenomenon Online Shop & Web-Service, managing end-to-end tasks in coding and design. Team finished all the tasks in time and client approved the work.