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    Medical Adult Online-Shop


    About project

    Discovered a client on a freelance platform seeking improvements for their medical company website. Executed a comprehensive upgrade, enhancing performance and aesthetics. Results were remarkable, with a significant increase in the sale rate, achieving a notable 34% boost. The modernized look and improved functionality played a pivotal role in elevating the website's success.

    Client Website:
    Starting Date:
    June 2023

    Aims and Objectives


    The design of the website appears to be outdated. It's necessary to update it considering modern requirements and preferences.


    The website has numerous logic errors, which can cause confusion for users. It's crucial to conduct a thorough analysis and rectify these issues to ensure a more clear and efficient interaction with the platform.


    The website initially lacked any interactive content, impacting user engagement and interactivity. Majority of audience did not make through even a home page.


    The website faced a deficiency in SEO optimization, impacting its discoverability and search engine ranking. A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented.


    The website necessitated an advanced upselling system for related products to enhance the user experience and drive additional sales.



    The Studio experts have executed rapid design overhaul in two weeks. Conducted swift client consultations, promptly produced wireframes, and iterated visual designs. Continuous collaboration ensured efficient development of cohesive layouts and appealing designs for the entire website.


    Within a span of 5 days, we undertook a complete overhaul of our project, reconstructing the workflow and logic of all key pages. This encompassed a thorough reassessment and reconstruction of the design, ensuring streamlined functionality and improved user navigation. The project now features a more contemporary and intuitive interface, aligning seamlessly with current industry standards.


    And laslty we have developed interactive elements by integrating AI chatbot and crafting a detailed quiz. Selected and integrated a suitable AI model for real-time chat interactions. The quiz, tailored to user preferences, utilized dynamic questioning and AI-driven responses, enhancing engagement and personalization on the website.



    Monthly income

    Total increase of monthly sales in dollars


    Audience growth

    As a result of deep SEO works of web-site


    Orders with upsales

    After integrating a quiz and AI-recommendation


    Interactions time

    Users are now spending more time on web-site and that is perfect

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