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    Smart Furniture Online-Shop 600€ turnover per day

    A turnkey development and further technical support and growth of Furniture Online-Shop, which now has more than 40.000 positions of products and hundreds of daily client views.

    Private VIP-School Frontend 3-4Weekly Orders Increase

    In a 4-week overhaul Tareev Studio team has transformed a School's sales funnel and website, using AI and prioritizing efficiency and profitability. The result? A 29% increase in conversion rates, a 16% reduction in bounce rates, and heightened user satisfaction.

    Italian Food Blog Launch 57%Monthly Visits Increase

    Tareev Studio successfully launched Settimana Gourmet, an Italian Food Blog, meticulously managing its SEO and audience growth across the website and Instagram. Result: Rapid growth from 3200 to 8500 subscribers in 7 weeks, fostering an engaged and loyal community.

    Poker Affilate Web-site 8-11Full conversions per day

    The Studio achieved excellence in a 7-day sprint, delivering a top-tier Poker Affiliate website (Under NDA). Agile development, client collaboration, AI-consultant chat-bot and meticulous testing ensured high quality and swift deployment.

    Villas Booking Web-site In Thailad Booking system is integrated

    Tareev Studio strategically outsourced backend tasks for a Villas Booking Website in Thailand over 6 months. This involved meticulous vendor selection, clear task delineation, and regular progress assessments.

    Dating & Events Startup App 750Web-site daily visits

    The Studio innovatively developed a Dating & Events Startup App named "Outer Space", integrating AI matching algorithms. At the moment a further development is still in progress and team is looking for investments to grow and expand.

    NFT Smart-Platform 95New Smart Contracts per Day

    Tareev Studio engineered an NFT Smart-Platform for a Consulting Agency, embedding AI for predictive insights and portfolio construction, revolutionizing NFT investments. Currently under NDA.

    Gerber Wedding Agency 25Days from begin to release

    The Studio has engineered a Gerber Wedding Agency website featuring modern design, seamless animations, and AI-driven recommendations for an enhanced user experience and profitability.

    ChatBuilder Web-App Redesign 68.5%Total conversions increase

    Our team of experts has executed a comprehensive redesign for the ChatBuilder Web-App in 4 weeks. We prioritized user-centric design, improved navigation, and enhanced overall user experience for both B2B and B2C use.

    B2B Subway Parts Corp. Web-Site (Coming-soon) 120%Website visits increase

    Tareev Studio executed frontend tasks for the CIS Corporate Subway Parts website in a focused 3-week sprint. From concept to completion, our team meticulously developed the entire website, ensuring a seamless functionality.

    Biggest Pest Control Service in CIS 710%Total visits growth

    Tareev Studio developed the largest Pest Control Service in the CIS, creating a series of websites, including 4 landing pages and over 117 service pages. Our comprehensive approach ensured a robust online presence and effective lead generation