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    Simplifying the Creative Journey: Resources for Web Designers

    Anna Fedorchenko Lead Designer

    As a web designer, I’ve encountered the significant time commitment involved in searching for suitable images, fonts, color palettes, and other resources. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable list of resources at hand to streamline this creative process. Let’s explore some valuable resources that have greatly eased my workflow and continue to do so. I hope they prove beneficial to you too, dear designers!

    Stock Photos

    1. Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/): Not just an extensive library of creative photos but also a convenient Figma plugin, simplifying integration into the design process.
    2. Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/): A free stock with high-quality photos and videos, offering a broad selection for visualizing various ideas.
    3. Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/): This stock provides not only photos but also vector images, expanding possibilities for creative compositions.
    4. Freepik (https://freepik.com/): A vast collection of not only photos but also vectors, PSD files, and additional services that significantly facilitate and expedite work.
    5. Burst by Shopify (https://www.shopify.com/stock-photos): A stock focused on business purposes, featuring diverse images for corporate projects.
    6. Icons8 Photos (icons8.com/photos): More than just a stock, it allows you to generate scenes from stock photos, adding uniqueness to your projects.
    7. DrawKit (https://www.drawkit.com/): A resource with an extensive collection of illustrations, providing a wide range of styles and themes.

    Color and Gradient Tools

    1. Culrs (https://culrs.com/): Offers ready-made color palettes, saving time in choosing perfect shades.
    2. WebGradients (https://webgradients.com/): A vast collection of gradients with harmoniously matching colors for every taste.
    3. Coolors (https://coolors.co/): A color palette generator that helps experiment with various combinations.
    4. Grabient (https://www.grabient.com/): Another excellent resource for choosing gradients suitable for various projects.
    5. Noise and Gradient (https://www.noiseandgradient.com/): Gradients with noise to add uniqueness and interest to designs.

    Inspiration Platforms

    1. Behance (http://behance.net/): An online platform for creative idea exchange, where you can find inspiration in other designers’ works and showcase your creative projects.
    2. Dribbble (http://dribbble.com/): A platform for self-promotion and a social network for digital designers, allowing you to publish your best works and find potential collaborators.
    3. Awwwards (http://awwwards.com/): A globally recognized platform supporting creativity in web design, where the best projects receive well-deserved recognition.


    1. Google Fonts (https://fonts.google.com/): A reliable source of free fonts for your web projects.
    2. Font Squirrel (fontsquirrel.com): A collection of various fonts, offering a wide range of styles. Be sure to check the license, as not all fonts are available for free use.
    3. FontSpace (https://www.fontsquirrel.com/): A collection of free-for-personal-use fonts.
    4. FontStorage (https://fontstorage.com/): A resource with free fonts for commercial use.


    1. SVG Repo (https://www.svgrepo.com/): A large set of free icons in SVG format, always ready for use.
    2. Flaticon (https://www.flaticon.com/): The largest resource for finding icons, offering a wide selection of vector content. Free downloads are available in PNG format, while a subscription is required for SVG.

    Additional Resources

    • CSS Loaders (https://cssloaders.github.io/): A collection of diverse loading icons with demonstrations and code for enhancing user experience.
    • Sensa Emoji (sensa.co/emoji): A resource with vector emojis to complement your projects with smiles and emotions.
    • UI Store (https://www.uistore.design/): A wide selection of UI kits and templates to expedite the process of creating user interfaces.
    • And, of course, let’s not forget the Figma community, where many individuals share their works, templates, and more. It’s a fantastic place to find a multitude of resources!

    These resources not only ease the search process and inspire creativity but are also suitable for those who appreciate accessibility. Many of them offer free options, making them ideal for those just starting their journey in web design. However, it’s worth noting that subscribing to the paid versions of many of these resources can significantly expand your creative capabilities. Paid versions often provide additional features, exclusive content, and a greater variety of resources.

    Remember, creativity knows no bounds. Even with limited resources, you can create unique and impressive designs. It’s essential to continue evolving and experimenting, applying the knowledge gained in your projects.

    Dear readers, we invite you to follow our blog, where we will share our experiences, valuable tips, and the latest trends in the world of web design. Together, we will create an inspiring community where everyone can find something valuable for their creative growth. Best of luck in your creative endeavors!

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