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    Real-Estate Agency Web-App QA 184Bugs found & fixed

    The studio has undertook an exhaustive QA process for a major Real-Estate Agency Web-App, deploying continuous integration and rigorous manual testing to ensure functionality, performance, and security within a tight 4-month deadline.

    News Catalog for Expats in USA 117%Monthly traffic increase

    Our team meticulously expanded Socium.network, prioritizing a deep understanding of expat communities to tailor content and user experience. In 72 days we've updated the design, added new parts of web-site and reworked a Personal Area

    Opine / Workflow Complex QA 214Bugs found & fixed

    Tareev Studio executed a comprehensive QA for Startup Workflow, ensuring a flawless global release in just 3 months. Rigorous testing, bug fixes, and streamlined processes paved the way for a successful launch.

    Real-Estate Booking Web-Site in Tbilisi 47Days spent for turnkey development

    We have not only seamlessly developed an Apart Booking Platform, but also swiftly integrated it with the Hotel Management System for enhanced efficiency and unified operations with AI-based chatbot consultant

    Poker & Gambling Catalog 79%Monthly visits increase

    Over 12 weeks, Tareev Studio revamped a Poker and Gambling catalog, elevating functionalities and SEO. Result: Increased user engagement by 25%, higher search rankings, and a surge in platform popularity.

    Poker Affilate Web-site 8-11Full conversions per day

    The Studio achieved excellence in a 7-day sprint, delivering a top-tier Poker Affiliate website (Under NDA). Agile development, client collaboration, AI-consultant chat-bot and meticulous testing ensured high quality and swift deployment.

    Conon Capital USA 18Work days from begin to release

    The Studio designed the Conon Capital real estate landing website for the USA, with a focus on user-friendly design and robust functionality tailored to the client's specific audience.

    B2B Veterinary Supply Store 19%Orders are made through Site

    Tareev Studio executed end-to-end development for a B2B Veterinary Supply Store, implementing AI tools for inventory management and client interactions. Currently we are still working on its Search Optimization and growth.

    Payment Provider Upgrade 1990Key Phrases Number Increase

    The Studio spearheaded a Payment Provider Upgrade, optimizing and localizing for the CIS market in 4 weeks. Enhanced security measures, streamlined transactions, and tailored user experiences ensured a seamless financial flow.

    Dating & Events Startup App 750Web-site daily visits

    The Studio innovatively developed a Dating & Events Startup App named "Outer Space", integrating AI matching algorithms. At the moment a further development is still in progress and team is looking for investments to grow and expand.

    B2B Subway Parts Corp. Web-Site (Coming-soon) 120%Website visits increase

    Tareev Studio executed frontend tasks for the CIS Corporate Subway Parts website in a focused 3-week sprint. From concept to completion, our team meticulously developed the entire website, ensuring a seamless functionality.

    Home Inspector Site Update 57%Monthly orders increase

    Tareev Studio revamped a Home Inspector Site using AI for enhanced efficiency, boosting profitability through automated processes and advanced data analytics. All the works were done in 12 work days.

    Plant Nursery Online-Shop Upgrade 21%Daily orders number increase

    The Studio executed frontend and backend tasks for a Plant Nursery Online Shop in a focused 6-week sprint. Result: A seamlessly integrated platform with enhanced user experience.