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    Opine / Workflow Complex QA 214Bugs found & fixed

    Tareev Studio executed a comprehensive QA for Startup Workflow, ensuring a flawless global release in just 3 months. Rigorous testing, bug fixes, and streamlined processes paved the way for a successful launch.

    Dating & Events Startup App 750Web-site daily visits

    The Studio innovatively developed a Dating & Events Startup App named "Outer Space", integrating AI matching algorithms. At the moment a further development is still in progress and team is looking for investments to grow and expand.

    ChatBuilder Web-App Redesign 68.5%Total conversions increase

    Our team of experts has executed a comprehensive redesign for the ChatBuilder Web-App in 4 weeks. We prioritized user-centric design, improved navigation, and enhanced overall user experience for both B2B and B2C use.