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    Smart Furniture Online-Shop 600€ turnover per day

    A turnkey development and further technical support and growth of Furniture Online-Shop, which now has more than 40.000 positions of products and hundreds of daily client views.

    Italian Food Blog Launch 57%Monthly Visits Increase

    Tareev Studio successfully launched Settimana Gourmet, an Italian Food Blog, meticulously managing its SEO and audience growth across the website and Instagram. Result: Rapid growth from 3200 to 8500 subscribers in 7 weeks, fostering an engaged and loyal community.

    Poker Affilate Web-site 8-11Full conversions per day

    The Studio achieved excellence in a 7-day sprint, delivering a top-tier Poker Affiliate website (Under NDA). Agile development, client collaboration, AI-consultant chat-bot and meticulous testing ensured high quality and swift deployment.