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    About company

    We have encountered a Poker Affiliate company on a freelance platform seeking a comprehensive solution for their website built on Joomla. Through detailed consultations, we gained a thorough understanding of their requirements and desired features. Proposing an end-to-end solution, our team outlined a plan for Joomla-based development, including tailored functionalities, user-friendly design, and integration of affiliate marketing tools.

    Client Website:
    Gambling & Casino
    Starting Date:
    May 2022

    Aims and Objectives


    Our primary goal for this project was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly design for the Poker Affiliate client's website good enough to be better than competitors, but not too serious with some irony and fun


    The second goal was to integrate these design elements into the Joomla platform. This involved implementing the tailored functionalities discussed with the client


    Lastly, our aim was to deploy the project on a server and launch targeted advertising campaigns to maximize the website's visibility and attract the desired audience



    We took a phased approach to design, starting with wireframes and prototypes for client feedback. Iteratively incorporating input, the final design surpassed expectations. Our strategy prioritized user experience, focusing on navigation, visual hierarchy, and accessibility. Playful accents and elements, such as dynamic shapes or illustrative graphics related to poker or gaming, were strategically placed throughout the design to add a touch of whimsy.


    Upon finalizing the playful and engaging design for the Poker Affiliate client's website, our next step was seamless integration with the Joomla platform. Leveraging Joomla's robust features, we translated the design elements into functional web components. Custom templates were meticulously developed to ensure the vibrant color scheme, playful graphics, and interactive features seamlessly translated to the online environment.


    Launching ads for an unusual and prohibited niche required a strategic and cautious approach. Knowing the sensitive nature of the Poker Affiliate website, we began by thoroughly researching and understanding the advertising policies of various platforms to identify those that allowed such content within legal boundaries. Then we've crafted compelling ad copy and visuals that adhered to the guidelines while still capturing the attention of the target audience.

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