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    Smart Furniture Shop


    About case

    The client initially approached with a request for a few minor adjustments to a product card. However, during the implementation of these modifications, a thorough systemic analysis of the project was conducted, revealing a significant number of issues. Consequently, the decision was made to undertake a comprehensive website redevelopment to address the identified problems and ensure the successful launch of the project.

    Client Website:
    Starting Date:
    July 2021

    Aims and Objectives


    At first, the website seemed fine, but a closer look uncovered major issues, requiring extensive intervention and a reassessment of the project's original idea.


    A significant portion of the advanced functionality for Smart Furniture had not been implemented, and the project's backend was not prepared to handle a large catalog.


    We had to research what our competitors were doing and then come up with a practical design that would make it easier for visitors to become customers.


    The client lacked a comprehensive understanding of the launch and promotion strategy for the project, particularly in the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


    It was necessary to optimize the sales funnel and undertake preparatory measures for advertising using Google Ads.


    After its launch, the resource needed sustained support and ongoing development to ensure its continued growth and effectiveness over the long term.



    Tareev Studio Team conducted an analysis within a 2-week timeframe, identified errors, formulated and approved a work plan, addressed the most critical issues, and initiated full-fledged efforts resulting in the implementation of the main homepage screen.


    During the subsequent two months, a comprehensive effort was undertaken, involving a total of 180 work hours. A thorough marketing analysis of competitors was conducted, resulting in the development of a straightforward yet functional product card for smart furniture. This product card, aligned with all client preferences, is geared towards optimizing conversions within the client's target audience.


    Over the course of the following month, the systemic design and functionality of all remaining pages on the website were meticulously developed. Subsequently, the entire supplementary comprehensive functionality was effectively implemented, aligning with client requests and meeting the requirements of the target audience. At this stage, the project was fully prepared for release.


    A week prior to the release, all external analytics services were seamlessly integrated, further enhancing the project's analytical capabilities. In addition to this, a foundational SEO optimization initiative was implemented to ensure the website's visibility and search engine performance. Simultaneously, efforts were initiated towards the ongoing development of the website to enhance its functionality and user experience post-release.


    The integration of Google Merchant Center and Google Ads marked a pivotal step in the project's progression. This facilitated the initiation of paid traffic on the website, and in due course, the site began to generate its first orders. The strategic deployment of these platforms not only increased the website's visibility but also played a significant role in the initial success of the e-commerce platform, bringing forth tangible results shortly after implementation.


    Tareev Studio maintains an ongoing, long-term collaboration with the client, demonstrating a commitment to continual improvement and service evolution. This includes the incorporation of new suppliers and other enhancements. The website's stability is diligently upheld, contributing to the sustained growth in sales, which has now reached an average of 4-5 transactions per day, with an average order value of 200 €. This successful partnership underscores the studio's dedication to delivering lasting value and adaptability to evolving business needs.



    Monthly turnover

    Current project's turnover through the web-site

    4 months

    From begin to big release

    Overall time that needed for the development

    3 weeks

    To first actual finished order

    The time needed for the first sale to kick in


    Current Product base

    Moderated and managed by the Tareev Studio team

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